Litigation Support Services

Delivering dynamic litigation support services to attorneys and law firms for both ongoing and impending cases.

Litigation Support Services

We understand that the legal landscape is constantly evolving, and so are the challenges faced by lawyers and attorneys in managing their caseloads. With a focus on providing exceptional litigation support services, we empower legal professionals to achieve better results for their clients while streamlining their operations. We have provided our various clients with our litigation services which led them to win the complex cases with ease. We are easy to access and affordable.

Our services ranges from document management, E-discovery, legal research and analysis. Legal drafting, legal coding and indexing, document review, E-discovery, deposition summaries, and medical record review. We at Oakmont legal provide must win litigation services for Personal Injury Protection lawyers and attorneys and take care of drafting of complaints, motions, trial support and much more.

Litigation Support Services We Provide

At every stage, from data mining to extraction, we, as a litigation services outsourcing company, employ cutting-edge technology and the finest resources to ensure the information you need is just a click away.

1- Legal Drafting

Legal drafting, documentation, and case analysis are fundamental aspects of a law firm’s routine work. Oakmont excels in providing these services to clients at every stage of a case. Our proficient team is skilled in drafting legal documents for complex cases, tackling them with ease and a winning approach.

2- Legal Coding and Indexing

Legal coding and indexing organize documents is a process for retrieving and reviewing data easily. We create top-notch protocols using efficient design, expert coders, and quality control. Our service structures data meaningfully through database creation and record indexing, handling project-specific document coding. Our trained staff is knowledgeable in legal terminology and documentation.

3- E-Discovery

Oakmont is a litigation support company offering comprehensive e-discovery services designed to optimize your business performance. We deliver a unique blend of expertise, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated service to address all your electronically stored information and e-discovery requirements. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to assist you at every stage of the e-discovery process, from conducting assessments and interviews to managing diverse data collection needs.

4- Medical Record Review

Our medical record review services assist lawyers and attorneys in influencing the outcome of their workers’ compensation, personal injury, and short-term and long-term disability cases. Our experienced team meticulously examines medical reports, establishes timelines, and provides comprehensive guidelines on medical reviews, all aimed at helping clients secure a favorable case outcome.

5- Deposition Summaries

Our outsourced litigation support services also encompass deposition summaries, assisting you in organizing and preparing for litigation. This reduces your review time and ensures that critical depositions receive proper attention. When you utilize our litigation support services, experienced and qualified members of our legal team review, evaluate, and summarize depositions to create comprehensive deposition digests.

Benefits of Litigation Support Services

Outsourcing legal processes and tasks can bring about various advantages for law firms of any size and corporate legal departments. A few of these benefits include.

1- Convenience and Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of legal process outsourcing is that it allows you to allocate your valuable time towards revenue-generating activities.

2- Cost-Effective

Choosing Oakmont legal’s outsourced litigation support services eliminate the need to hire and provide salary and benefits to an in-house associate attorney or paralegal for tasks such as case preparation. Our outsourced legal research services save valuable time for lawyers and attorneys. Outsourcing offers firms the advantage of easy access to a skilled, thoroughly vetted, and trained team that is readily available to meet their needs.

3- Expertise at Your Fingertips

Oakmont Legal, a litigation support company, has legal professionals with varied expertise who skillfully handle the processes you delegate to them. This is especially advantageous for smaller firms or those facing new legal challenges.

4- Fast and Reliable

Our outsourced litigation support services are both reliable and efficient. Our expert team members excel in their respective roles, ensuring a fast turnaround time and consistent results from Oakmont Legal’s outsourced services.

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