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Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective insurance outsourcing solutions.

Insurance BPO Services

Oakmont Legal has years of experience providing high-quality support services to insurance carriers, underwriters, brokers, and insurance agencies. Our BPO insurance services are among the premier offerings in the USA. We have assisted clients in achieving new levels of business efficiency and significant cost savings, which can be challenging for insurance companies due to operational overheads.

As the insurance industry faces complex regulations, disaster-related claims, and an aging population, it turns to insurance outsourcing companies for cost savings. As a trusted Insurance BPO services provider, Oakmont offers tailored insurance process outsourcing solutions for insurance call center outsourcing, billing, insurance claims outsourcing management, fraud detection, and CRM, supported by superior infrastructure and expert resources.

Our Insurance BPO Services

1- Policy Issuance

At Oakmont legal, we help carriers and agencies streamline their insurance policy services for clear, consistent policies. Our experience spans various areas, including casualty, property, and healthcare. As one of the top BPO insurance outsourcing companies in the USA, we use multi-level checks to ensure accuracy in insurance claims outsourcing. Our goal is to effectively cover our clients’ essential needs in the insurance industry. 

2- Policy Administration and Maintenance

At Oakmont legal, we have developed a distinctive approach to policy servicing that helps our clients deliver top-notch services to their customers, ultimately fostering long-term relationships. Our team of professionals is dedicated to handling customer requests with precision and care. We thoroughly analyze each change request to determine its impact on the premium, ensuring accurate updates to policy details. When necessary, we promptly issue fresh insurance certificates, providing a seamless experience for both clients and their customers.

3- Claims Management

At Oakmont legal, we take a thorough approach to claims processing, which includes a meticulous investigation process to prevent fraudulent claims. Our team of insurance experts excels in auditing claims support documents, estimating claims, and verifying eligibility to ensure swift, error-free processing. By utilizing our insurance BPO services and insurance process outsourcing solutions, you can attain maximum procedural accuracy while lowering operational costs. As a leading insurance back-office outsourcing company, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch claims management services to our clients.

4- Loss Run Processing

We know how important it is for insurance providers to have a comprehensive history of claims made on a commercial insurance carrier. That’s why we have dedicated teams who specialize in processing loss run reports. Our process involves everything from sending loss run requests to other insurers to analyzing and preparing the claims report, and finally dispatching it to underwriters. We work hard to ensure that the entire process is quick and straightforward, so that our clients can access the information they need without any hassle.

5- Renewal Processing

Renewing insurance policies in bulk can be a challenging task for insurance companies. However, Oakmont legal is a top insurance outsourcing company that offers comprehensive insurance BPO services. We specialize in policy management, claims outsourcing, and ensuring procedural accuracy while reducing operational costs. By delegating policy renewals, claims audits, and administrative tasks to us, you can focus on providing competitive prices to your customers.

6- Billing and Accounts Receivable

To help first-party insurance companies improve their cash flow and reduce administrative costs, we offer a range of insurance BPO services. We ensure the accuracy and timely delivery of invoices, maintain archives as per the client’s request, follow up regularly to collect payments and record them correctly, and generate accurate financial reports for top management. By doing all this, we help our clients retain their customers and grow their business.

Why Choose Oakmont As Your Insurance BPO Services Provider?

Best Customer Services

Our team of experts is committed to providing high-quality insurance support services to clients all over the world. We use robust process management techniques that prioritize constant improvement and automation, ensuring that we deliver exceptional and consistent services that meet our clients' needs.

Customized Solutions

As a leader in Insurance BPO services, we understand the unique needs of each client when it comes to BPP insurance. We follow a workflow that caters to individual business requirements, ensuring that you get the best services from one of the top insurance outsourcing companies.

Advance Technology

We always use up-to-date tools and technologies to make your insurance BPO processes fast and efficient. We leverage advanced technology to help you grow your business. Our insurance back-office services are top-notch which are performed using advance technology.

Proven Expertise

What sets us apart from our competitors is our proven strategies for streamlining insurance business processes, which result in visible and positive outcomes for our clients.

Cost Saving

We make it possible for you to achieve maximum results with our cost-effective solutions for your Insurance BPO services. Our customized pricing options make us a valuable business partner.

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